For more than 20 years, Tirthankar Poddar aka 2Blue has been unswervingly focused on paying his respect to his roots while fronting a rock band that believes in taking no prisoners. From Agartala where he was born to Mumbai where he now lives, 2Blue’s journey tells an inspiring story: That with passion and dedication, no dream is impossible. Inch by inch, he earned his way into the list of the top 10 male singers in India for classic rock. 2Blue specializes in English, but is proficient in Hindi and Bengali as well. Also a writer, motivational speaker, and actor, 2Blue doesn’t have ‘one true calling’ but many. It's a gift he exploits to synthesize ideas from different fields to create something magical at their intersection. After more than a thousand live performances and multiple awards, 2Blue has established himself as much more than just a great singer. For countless people from Guwahati to Rajkot, Varanasi to Manipal (and beyond), he is someone who is recognized for the benchmarks he sets.

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