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Get to Know 2Blue

In the 2016 sequel to the movie 'Rock On,' Kedar Zaveri (played by Purab Kohli) enquires rather excitedly about the lead singer of Vayu. Now that's a scene several people rewound to watch several times. These people were mostly born in the '80s and raised on indie rock. They rewound the scene because that lead singer isn't a fictional character. He is someone they know as Tirthankar Poddar, or mononymously as 2Blue: the man who gave up his day job to headline their college festival. 


2Blue has been described as:


"Inspiring” by Rediff
"Stadium-like" by RollingStone India
”Stellar” by The Score Magazine, and
”Grand” by Mumbai Mirror


From fronting Vayu to going solo, 2Blue’s career has been defined by the transcendental experiences he creates. The most talked about amongst them have been the ones he co-created with Bumblefoot from Guns N' Roses, Paul Di'Anno from Iron Maiden, George Lynch from Dokken, Jonas Hellborg from Mahavishnu Orchestra, and Cyrus Broacha from MTV. Other milestones in his career include 'Best Band' at ArtistAloud Awards, Mumbai and 'Asian Anthem of the Year' at AVIMA, Kuala Lumpur. But the single most important milestone, he maintains, was playing Judas in 'Jesus Christ Superstar.' The role was demanding but 2Blue was in good hands. For his preparation, he was trained by the greatest icons from the world of theater including Shiamak Davar, Sabira Merchant, Karla Klossher, and Alyque Padamsee.


2Blue is currently putting the final touches to his new album. If the reaction to the live performances of his new songs is an indication, the album is a hit already. For people born in the '80s who were raised on indie rock, it's emotional. Because this is the artist they laughed and cried with when they were young. This is who they connected with on MySpace and Orkut when they needed a friend. And this is who they grew old with over the years. At the album launch concert, chances are they will carry their kids on their shoulders. Chances are they will wait back for a selfie. And chances are they will see a familiar face from 'Rock On' then. After all, nothing inspires fiction like reality.

Spell '2Blue' with a capital B without any spaces.