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Tom Cruise Shines in Top Gun Maverick

I've been fired from every job I ever had.

It took me 14 years to inch my way from Management Trainee to Vice President. But make no mistake. Promotions were a luxury I never had. So my job title changed only when my job did. And sometimes it just had to: to keep me sane and alive.

My self-esteem? It suffered all the time. I felt I wasn't where I belonged. But when I look back now, I see everything clearly. My clients: they still offer me their homes when I visit their countries. My teams: they still come to my concerts. And my bosses? They still like my updates. Sometimes they comment too.

Now you may want to ask: what is it that has stirred up these old memories. Good question.

You see, when you are on your path, the universe will guide you in its own mysterious ways. A song on the radio, a number on a billboard, a chapter in a book, a character in a movie... they'll all speak to you. And that's exactly what happened when I attended 94.3 Radio One's special screening of Top Gun: Maverick.

I was 11 years old when Top Gun was released. Now at the time of this sequel, I am 47. That's 36 years, man. 36 years. Age, Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding: they've all begun to come to me. You know, when I heard Pete Mitchell speak, I felt his words were mine. Yes, Pete Mitchell aka Maverick.

Tom Cruise was only 24 when he played the part for the first time. Now when he did, he was 59. Between then and now, what has happened is life. And there can be no greater teacher than life. Promotions were a luxury even Pete never had. His self-esteem suffered too. He too felt that he wasn't where he belonged. But when all else failed, it was Pete who saved the day. It was a celebration of a different kind. And his job title? It didn't matter.

You see, we are all what we do: a Verb, not a Noun. So job titles cannot define us. It is what is inside of us that can. You and I, we're exactly where we need to be. Someday when we look back, we'll see everything clearly.

You know, as I stepped out of the theater; I was surrounded by people with dictaphones and cameras. They were keen to know my reaction to the movie. So I just placed a hand on my chest and said: "My heart is full."

I was where I belonged. It was a celebration of a different kind.

A lot of people lost their jobs during the pandemic. If you were one of them, please know that you will be alright. You've made it this far. You will be alright.

Not everyone and everything you encounter is going to be in alignment with your future. But here's the good news: your future is not ahead of you. It's inside of you. If anyone ever tries to dim your light, just say the two word that Pete Mitchell did:


It has been said that the world isn't kind to mavericks. They have to hide to survive. Yet, they show us how to dream.

Watch Top Gun: Maverick if you haven't already. At the very least, click the thumbnail below.

Dream your dreams with open eyes. Dream your dreams as long as you're alive.

My name is Tirthankar Poddar. You can call me 2Blue. I'm only here to let your dreams take flight.


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